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Aluminum Stage Planks – 20″ Wide, 2-Man 500 lbs. Capacity


This Aluminum Stage Plank allow for two people on a single plank.  Designed for use with pump jack systems, ladder jacks, swing stages, and catwalks.  OSHA approved for a crew of 1-2 workers.

  • 20″ wide and available in 12′, 16′, 20′, and 24′ lengths.  Custom lengths can be special ordered.
  • 500 lbs. capacity
  • Heavy duty rung system
  • Raised and “abraided” decking for assuring a slip-resistant surface
  • Cast aluminum handle style endcaps
  • Also available with connectable ends for connecting two planks together (please see description below and product photos)
SKU: ST22012$339.95
SKU: ST22016$489.95
SKU: ST22020$679.95
SKU: ST22024$799.95


Aluminum Stage Planks:  20″ Wide, 2 Man, 500 lbs. capacity
These aluminum stage planks are 20 inches wide and available in lengths ranging from 12 feet to 24 feet.

  • Heavy Duty Rung System
    • Rungs are located on 12″ centers for extra strength.  Larger size stage planks have additional lower rungs to prevent racking and buckling.
  • Raised and “Abraided” Decking
    • Assures slip-resistant surface.  Slots in lower level help prevent paint or material build up.
  • Cast Aluminum Handle-Style Endcaps
    • Handles on each end protect the rail ends from damage and provide convenient grip for transporting manually.

Our 20″ planks are also available with Connectable Ends for longer project runs (please see product pictures).

  • Same price as Handle-Style.
  • Optional connection boards improve safety by closing the gap after connecting planks together.
  • Please inquire when placing an order.