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Aluminum Tripod Orchard and Landscaping Ladder


Please note that we ship orchard ladders only within Western WA and to southern OR.  For all other destinations, please contact the manufacturer at 541-386-2733 for a distributor closer to you.  They will help you find a more local distributor of their orchard ladders to reduce the cost of freight and risk of damage in transit.


Quality slip resistant steps
Specially designed strong top section
Rigid steel hinges
Heavy-duty tempered 3rd leg
All parts interchangable
Reputation as best quality and longest lasting orchard ladder

SKU: AOL-6$214.95
SKU: AOL-8$244.95
SKU: AOL-10$289.95
SKU: AOL-12$339.95
SKU: AOL-14$389.95
SKU: AOL-16$439.95


The Tallman Orchard and Landscaping Ladder is designed for orchard use and landscape maintenance on turf or ground. It’s built of lightweight tempered aluminum with each step is braced for maximum safety.

Available in 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’.