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TieGrrr Ladder Safety Straps


Webbing: Thich, abrasion resistant, polyester webbing, Available in fluorescent orange color or black color, UV protection, Lock stitch construction

Stitching: Heavy-duty, military box with X stitch pattern for higher seam strength, UV protection

Buckles: Rust-proof, solid zinc, cam buckles for easy adjustments, Chrome plated swivel snap buckles clips quickly to ladder rails, 4,100 lbs. breaking strength

Warning Tags: Permanent, durable, Bar codes and Strap Size on each strap, Safety and load information

Optional: Waterproof, mesh bag with hook and loop closure

SKU: LSS-150-GRH$27.95
SKU: LSS-150-BK$37.95
SKU: LSS-150-OR$37.95
SKU: LSS-BG-1$8.95


For Securing to Pole, Tree, Etc.
TieGrrr Ladder Safety Straps designed to hold ladders securely to vertical applications such as poles and trees. Its purpose is to minimize side sway, bounce, or possible kick-out of the ladder.

Approved for use with Type 1A: 300 lbs. Duty-Rated and Type 1AA: 375 lbs. Duty-Rated Ladders. Available in two sizes for the top or lower section of the ladder.