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Aluminum Stage – 28″ Wide, 3-Man 750 lbs. Capacity


28″ wide
750 lbs. capacity
OSHA approved for a crew of 1-3 workers
Ergonomic carrying handles for improved comfort during transportation
3-piece rung-to-rail connection system for improved stiffness
Double end rungs on stages over 20′ as well as on all 5″ and 6″ rails
Raised and abraded decking for assuring a slip-resistant surface

SKU: ST32816$739.95
SKU: ST32820$1,029.95
SKU: ST32824$1,249.95
SKU: ST32828$1,599.95
SKU: ST32832$1,829.95


Aluminum Stages:  28″ Wide, 3 Man, 750 lbs. capacity
These aluminum stages are 28 inches wide and available in lengths ranging from 12 feet to 32 feet.

  • Heavy Duty Rung System
    • Rungs are located on 12″ centers for extra strength.  Larger size stages have additional lower rungs to prevent racking and buckling.
  • Raised and “Abraided” Decking
    • Assures slip-resistant surface.  Slots in lower level help prevent paint or material build up.
  • Cast Aluminum Handle-Style Endcaps
    • Handles on each end protect the rail ends from damage and provide convenient grip for transporting manually.