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Little Giant Ladder – Dark Horse Fiberglass


Safest and lightest fiberglass articulating ladder on the market
Triple-Locking Hinges
Tip & Glide Wheels with models 17, 22, and 26
300 lbs. Rated
Compliant with all applicable OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards

Other Features
A-Frame Ladder
Staircase Ladder
90 degree Ladder
Extension Ladder


SKU: 15147-001$585.00
SKU: 15145-001$730.00


300 lbs. Rated (Type 1A)
Professional Grade with a 1-year Warranty from defects. The Dark Horse is made with non-conductive fiberglass material and is perfect for electrical work. Comes with the new Tip & Glide Wheels and Triple-Locking Hinge.